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One Shot Part Two : First Date

*** Woohoo! So this is my first chapter in what feels like an eternity ago! I hope I haven’t lost my ability to write! Reviews are always welcomed ! Enjoy ! if you haven’t read the first part of the one shot, click here: http://ahandonherback.tumblr.com/post/12233332942/one-shot-little-black-dress-part-one *** 

         Wills eyes were starring hard directly at the door. The after-party was begging to come to life and the music was beginning to pick up. He had a drink in his hand that had barley been touched as he stood a few feet away from the entrance, waiting. Erik suddenly appeared behind him and grabbed his shoulders.

“What in God’s name are you doing standing here? I’ve got a couple of girls who are just dying to meet Prince William.” He said his name as if it were a joke. William chuckled and shrugged “No thanks.” he said taking a sip of his rye and coke.

               “Why not…what are you doing here anyway—” Erik stopped mid sentenced and a creepy little smile bemused his lips “Oh my god! You’re not waiting for Kate are you?” he burst into laughter and slapped William on the back.

“Oh shut up.” Will retorted.

“I thought you two were ‘just friends’?”

William sighed. It was true. They were just friends. He had no idea what he was doing or what he was feeling, he became increasingly nervous as he pictured how Kate would feel if she ever got the chance to read his thoughts.

“I know…I just… I don’t know what to tell you Erik…while I was sitting there watching her, something just clicked.”

“I bet I know what it was.” Erik nudged with a wink. William laughed and shoved his friend to the side “Oh get out of here.” He said the words in perfect timing because as soon as Erik turned to leave, Kate walked through the door with the rest of the other models. “Good luck.” Erik whispered. But Will didn’t even hear it, again he felt as if the room had gone totally silent as he looked over to Kate who was dressed much more appropriately but he still felt a strong desire to be in contact with her. Kate looked over and found William smiling at her. The room was dim lighted but Kate’s blush could be seen from a mile away; William enjoyed this immensely.

“Hey!” Kate made her way to him and the two proceeded to hug, which turned out extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

“You were great Kate, really, you’ve never looked better! I mean you do always look good, but wow.” William gushed.

“Really? You didn’t think it was too much?” Kate’s smile was ear to ear.

“Absolutely not, you were the envy of every girl and the desire of every man.”

Kate giggled, “Well I’m glad you had fun.”

“I definitely did…so erm…” William began to scratch his head, a nervous habit he had formed when he wasn’t able to get his words through. “So listen….do you want to like…dance or something?” Kate nodded and the two spent the night completely inseparable. Dancing, talking, and laughing. William felt his affections for Kate grow and was unsure how to approach them. The next morning he mustered up the courage to ask Kate to dinner over a text message, her reply a simple “I’d love to!” had Will hoping that she saw things his way as well. He made reservations, ironed his nicest ‘not too fancy, not too casual’ shirt, and spent almost twenty minutes styling his hair. When he finally picked Kate up he realized he had no idea how to talk to her. Did she think this was just another causal grab a bite to eat night like they have always had? Or did she understand that he wanted to take things a little more seriously. Was this their first date? William began to panic…he had no idea how to come across to her. She was one of his closest friends and he surely did not want to lose that.

The night was a total disaster. The ride to the restaurant was mostly in silence, because Will had no idea how to act. They ate in silence, and when Kate tried to start up conversation William was so nervous he accidently dropped his wine all over the table, staining the tablecloth and Kate’s white skirt. After apologizing nearly a million times the night finally came to an end when William parked outside her residence. Though she opened the door as to leave, surprisingly to William, Kate didn’t get out of the car as fast as she could; instead she sat there for a moment before finally turning to look at him. “Will is everything okay? You seem like you’re scared of me or something…”

William sighed “No Kate it’s the total opposite, I’m sorry, this night was total garbage. I was just kind of nervous.”


“Because…I…” he began to choke.

“Will,” Kate put her hand on his and it felt so warm that William almost grabbed her hand with both of his. “You can tell me whatever is on your mind.”

“I wanted to take you on a date,” Will blurted and suddenly he began to ramble “But I didn’t know if you wanted to go on a date with me, and when I asked you over the phone to come to dinner I meant it as a date, but like I said I didn’t know if you saw it like that…I’m sorry I’m rambling, I’m so bloody stupid, maybe it would be best if you just left before I really make a fool out of myself.” He closed his eyes and put his head on the steering wheel while Kate grew silent. He sat still with his eyes shut for what he felt was an eternity, finally he heard the passenger door shut and he knew she had left and he had lost his chance. But when he opened his eyes he was overjoyed to have found Kate right beside him.

“Let’s go for a movie?” she suggested with a smile. At that moment William knew what he held for Kate was more than friendship, she understood him so well he didn’t know how he had never noticed her until now. He nodded and they drove off to finish their first date the right way.

When William got home he was greeted by his other roommate Kalen, who was with his girlfriend Louisa, a mutual friend of Kate and Will’s.

“Hey where have you been?” Kalen asked looking up from the television.

“Just out …..with Kate.” He smiled as he said her name, and then ascended up the stairs, not noticing the puzzled looks Kalen and Louisa shared.

When he got in his room he reached for his phone and immediately texted Kate (he decided not to over think everything and be himself completely).

               “Did you have a good night? I kno I did J” he sent.

Kate replied a few minutes later “I did, but I was thinking that you were gonna say goodbye the right way.”

This confused Will…what did that mean? He read it a few more times and played over their goodbye in his head. They were both laughing at a joke he had made as he pulled up in her driveway, again Kate opened her door but sat there fumbling with her fingers, she said goodbye and so did he, he starred at her lips before she got out. Oh my god. Will thought as he threw his head back. I can’t believe I didn’t even kiss her! Before beating himself up any longer William was through the door.

Kate was at home waiting for the kettle to boil. She had her mug ready with a herbal tea bag already placed inside. She was nothing if not thorough. She constantly kept looking at her phone waiting for Wills reply to hers. It was such a risk for her to type those words out; she wasn’t even sure how she managed to press send. Kate sighed and placed a hand on her chest, her heart raced with every second that he did not reply. What were you thinking Kate; if he wanted to kiss you he would’ve just done it! She thought. Her roommate Hannah was in the other room and called out “So how was it?”

“It was fine…” Kate mumbled. But now I screwed it all up with my stupid text.

The kettle started to cry out just as there was a knock on the front door. “Can you get that Kate?” Hannah cried out from her bedroom. Kate walked over towards the door with her phone grasped tightly in her hand. She opened the door and gasped.

“Who is it?” Hannah called out.

“Will.” Kate whispered as she looked over at him “What are you doing here?”

“I forgot something.” He said silently.

“What?” she barely managed to make out before William placed his hands on either side of her face and drew her closer to his lips until finally they met.

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schools done, let the writing begin : )


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So all of you may know that i havent updated in months and I am very very sorry for all of the people who I may have upset or inconvenienced, because I left with a an unfinished fanfiction and one- shot and I didn’t even let you guys know that I wasn’t going to be writing anymore.

What happen was my life got crazy , I moved, I had a boyfriend , we broke up , work was crazy busy & I had alot of family issues. It was all a very very hectic few months but now that I have more time at home i’m thinking about continuing my fanfiction, headcannons and one-shots as long as you guys are willing to read them again!

I would love some feedback!

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ONE SHOT : Little Black Dress (Part One).

William walked through the crammed hallways of the library in search for a certain red book that he had been looking for. He had been at it for over an hour now and after realizing how long he’d spent looking for the damn book he sighed frustratingly and decided to give up. He made his way back to the main floor when he suddenly bumped into someone.

               “Oh sorry!” he automatically cried out as he stepped back, only to find Kate starring back at him. “Oh Kate it’s you! Sorry about that!”

“Oh it’s quite alright,” she smiled sweetly, her dimples showing. “What are you doing here?” she asked as her eyebrows met.

“Ah I’m trying to find a book, no luck though, I was just heading back.”

“What book?”

“Um,” he said looking down at the hastily written title “It’s called ‘Subliminal Messages in Pre-Historic and Modern Art’.”

Kate suddenly exclaimed “Oh hey that’s the exact reason I came here! I need that book too!”

“Really?” Will smiled, it was amazing how much he and Kate had in common.

“Yeah, come on I’ll show you were to look.” She said nudging him playfully. He followed her through a series of twists and turns.

“Geeze you really know your way around this place don’t you?” he asked trying to keep up with her.

Kate chuckled. “Yeah, it’s a bit sad isn’t it?”

“At least I’ll know who to call the next time I need to find a book.”

“Is that the only reason?” she teased.

Will suddenly got very sweaty “Well no of course not, not saying I wouldn’t call you any other time, I’d call you anytime, well not anytime, but at a reasonable hour… whenever really.”  He mumbled nervously.

Kate threw her head back and laughed “Relax Will I was only teasing.”

It was a very unusual thing for Will to react nervously with women; Will wondered what it was about Kate that had him on his toes.

“Ah here we are,” she said as she grazed her fingers on the back of a book. “I believe this is what you were looking for.” She said handing it over to him.

“Yes! Thanks a lot Kate, you really saved the day.”

“No worries!” she smiled then looked at her watch “Crap is it already 3?! Sorry Will I got run!”

“Where to?” he asked before he had time to process the fact that it wasn’t any of his business.

“Val signed me up for this stupid charity fashion show thing, I have a fitting.”

William’s eyebrows perked up in surprise “You’re kidding? That student-run charity here at the University?”

“Yeah that one!”

“Well maybe I’ll have to look into that.” He said with a big grin, thinking of how amusing it would be to watch Kate walk down a run way like some prissy model.

Kate’s eye’s widened “Oh my gosh William don’t!” she pleaded “Don’t come! It’s not gonna be any fun!”

William shook his head no “It’s for charity, and as a prince, I think it’s my job to attend these prestigious university charities.” he babbled.

Kate squinted; it was the first time he pulled the “prince” card. “You suck,” she said glancing at her watch again. “Okay I really got to go now!” she said making her way to leave.

“Hey Kate wait!” William called after her. “Can you show me out of this labyrinth?”

               Once Will and Kate parted ways, William found himself standing in front of a booth that was selling tickets for the much anticipated charity fashion show. As he made his way to the front of the line he noticed the many people behind him waiting for their turn to purchase a ticket. He giggled as he imagined the look on Kate’s face when she saw him.

               “Next Please!” called the lady behind the booth.

William made his way up “Hi, are the front row tickets still available?”

“Yes, we only have two left.”

“Perfect, I’ll take them.”

“They’re £100 each.”

“Not a problem.” He said grinning from ear to ear.


Kate rushed into the Department of Fashion as fast as she could, trying to make up for her tardiness. “Kate! There you are!” Her friend Val waved.

“Sorry Val!” Kate grabbed her hands “I was just running behind. I hope Charlotte isn’t mad!”

“I’m not,” said a voice from behind her. Kate turned to one of the fashion show’s designer Charlotte Todd. “Just, don’t be late again.” She added with a wink “Follow me.”

Kate followed Charlotte to a small room where she was instructed to strip to her nickers. When she did, Charlotte began taking measurements and while she did that, she told Kate of some of the outfits she would be wearing.

“There’s this really great white maxi dress that will really make your skin glow.” she beamed.

“Great! Is that all?”

Charlotte got quiet suddenly “Well, erm, there is this one dress that you’ll have to wear…you’re the only one that’ll fit into it.”


“It’s the final dress actually, sort of ending the show with a boom, you know?”

Kate suddenly became very weary “Boom? No no no, I didn’t sign up for a ‘boom’ I’m just an extra.”

“C’mon Kate! Don’t be like that, you’ll look amazing.”

Kate mused “Let me see the dress.”

A couple minutes later Charlotte had returned with a thin black dress which she hung up in front of Kate. Kate’s mouth dropped almost suddenly.

“No way! It’s see-through” she crossed her arms.

“You’ll be wearing it with black nickers! It’ll look so sexy Kate!”

“I can’t wear that! People I know might see me in that!” she protested as she thought of Will.

“Exactly, give them their money’s worth, c’mon Kate live a little! It’s going to change your life! Trust me.”

Kate bit her lip, it was a risky move, her mind was screaming no, but something, a force or a nudge from within her spit out the words “Fine.”

Charlotte clapped “Yay! You won’t regret this!” She assured, but Kate was already beginning to.


“Will you ready?!” Erik called from downstairs as William was fixing his tie. He had put it on and taken it off almost a thousand times in the past ten minutes. He was suddenly nervous and kept changing his mind on what to wear. “Hey Erik, what are you wearing?” he called from his room.

“I’ve never heard someone say that unless I’m the one saying it to a girl on the other end of the phone.” He retorted. William rolled his eyes and smirked “Seriously.” He called back. He heard faint footsteps and soon Erik entered his room. He took a look at William and gawked. “Don’t you look fancy.”

“Well it’s a charity,” William mumbled “I wanna look nice.”

“For the models that’ll see you in the front row?”

“No Erik. For the camera’s that will probably be taking pictures of me for the press.”

“And they say you aren’t conceited.”

“Oh shut up.” He muttered “C’mon let’s go.”

“Remind me again why we’re going to this?”

“Because Kate’s going to be in it, and I can’t miss an opportunity to hold something this hilarious against her.”

“Not to mention she’s got a smoking body that’s probably dying to be shown off.” Erik said as he made obscene hand gestures. William smacked the back of his head “Don’t talk about her like that…” he said realizing how suspiciously protective he sounded “She’s our friend.”

“Whatever, it’s not like you haven’t thought about her like that,” Erik nudged as they made their way out of their residence “You two spend an awfully long time together ‘studying’.”  He said the last words with his fingers implying a sarcastic tone.

“We’re just friends.” William said suddenly annoyed with Erik.

The two got to the fashion show twenty minutes later and were seated instantly. After a couple glasses of champagne and meaningless chit chat the two roomates suddenly simmered down as the music began to play and the light began to fade. A blonde started the fashion show in a red jumpsuit that showed a very revealing V neck line.

“I got dibbs on her.” Erik whispered as the two watched the rest of the models make their way back and forth. Kate finally walked out wearing a long white dress. To William’s surprise there was absolutely nothing funny about her. She looked stunning. Her hair was curled, her cheeks were flushed and her eyes glimmered under the ferocious array of lights above her. He sat silently as he looked over to her. She walked gracefully, not too over the top, and when she finally fixed her eyes on William, a tiny smile escaped her lips which she quickly erased as she focused on something else. When she left, Erik nudged Will with a wink. William nervously shoved him. One by one the models showed off the pieces until there were was no one left but Kate. She walked out in the blue trimmed see through dress and almost instantly the crowd became louder.

“Oh my god.” Erik breathed in amazement “Is that Kate?”

Will’s heart stopped quite suddenly at that very moment, or so it felt like. Had he been blind since now? He felt as if this was the first time he had ever truly seen Kate. She was absolutely…sexy. The very thin fabric clung to her body which seemed perfect. Her legs looked as if they’d go on forever and William found himself sweating.

“Holy shit.” He whispered as she made her way towards him. Suddenly there was no one in the room but her. William had his eyes fixed on Kate and the rest of the room faded away. As she walked up to the very end of the catwalk, feet away from William, he felt as if time had stopped and he had a burning desire to reach out and touch her hair, her neck, her body. She was flawless. She looked down at Will with a mesmerizing gaze, and after what felt like a life time, she turned around and walked away. William snapped back to reality, he looked around the room at the faces of all the men who seemed to be in the same state as him; stunned. He turned to the empty stage where Kate had just been and realized he had to have her.

*** This is my first ONESHOT so be nice! Reviews welcomed ! Part Two will come out sometime next week so dont ask me about it till then! ***

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um can I be her ?

um can I be her ?


Edited and Created by ——»> loversofroyalty 

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Chapter Twelve : A Family Gathering.

William raced towards his wife and grabbed her hand. “Kate darling, are you alright”

“What…just…happened?” She tried to spit out as she clutched her stomach with her free hand.

“Kate your water broke, we’re going to take you to the hospital.”

At this point Charles and Camilla had noticed what had just happened to Kate, and within seconds the whole balcony party was huddled around Catherine, helping her make her way out the palace. Kate walked slowly yet hastily with William’s hand clutched by her side. Her boys followed quick behind her with anxious faces. She suddenly stopped and turned around.

“Oh! We have to say goodbye to Harry and Chelsea.”

Will was stunned “Are you kidding? Kate you’re going into labor and you want to stop to say goodbye?”

Kate rolled her eyes “Well we can’t be rude! It’s their wedding day!”

“Kate, I’m sure they won’t mind, now let’s go.”

Kate pouted but let her husband take over and she followed him to the car. The couple were now in the back of one of Charles’s very prestigious vehicle, trying to calm themselves down. Will began to curse as he looked at his watch.

“Why are we going so slow?!” he asked the driver.

“The people are returning home from the palace your highness.” He explained “This is going to take some time, unless you would like a police escort.” He suggested, knowing it was a long shot, due to the fact that Will hated standing out in a crowd.

               William shook his head “No we’ll wait it out.”

Kate grunted at her husband and shot him an icy look “William I swear to god if we have this baby in the back of a Roll’s Royce I will kill you!”

               Will exhaled sharply and succumbed to his pregnant wife “Okay Gary, call for police assistance.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Hours later, it was finally time for Rosamund to arrive. The hospital room hosted a handful of nurses, one doctor, the royal couple and soon enough, baby Rosa. The room was filled with the cry’s that escaped her little lips, and William and his wife welcomed their third child to the world; Rosamund Diana Windsor. Born at 7oz with a healthy head of brown hair, Rosamund found herself snoozing in the arms of her very tired, yet extremely happy mother who was enwrapped in William’s arms. The couple had now the last member of their family and the two looked at her with tears in their eyes, ready to raise the third heir to the throne.


“Let’s go kids!” Kate screamed up the stairs of her little home with Rosa in her arms. Rosamund was now two years old and looked up at her mother with soft brown eyes.

               “Mummy, where we going?” she asked in her high pitched voice.

“We’re going to visit Grandpa Charles’s and Grandma Camilla.” She replied sweetly as she kissed her daughters cheek. The family had been running under the same routine since the birth of Rosa. They were content with their everyday life and managed to make time for one another every so often. William was climbing higher in the ranks of his military career, and Catherine was constantly busy with her new charity work. The boys were now much older and much taller. Emerson was in the fourth grade, and was growing rapidly. His blonde hair needed a cut every three weeks, and Kate noticed how his hair was already becoming thin. Though she desperately loved how her son was growing up to look more and more like William, she realized his hair was one of Will’s worst passed down trait. Milo, however had long thick brown hair that he let grow down to his shoulders. He was quite the opposite of his brother because he did not look entirely like his father…or mother for that matter. Though he shared traits with Kate, such as his button nose and dark eyebrows, he did not entirely resemble either of his parents. He (though only in the first grade) was already quite intelligent, and on several occasion provided Kate with suggestions and opinions concerning her charity projects. And then there was little Rosa who saw only the good in people and was almost constantly happy. She was the spitting image of Catherine in so many ways, that it was a little upsetting to Kate that she did not have any of her father in her looks, but her heart mirrored Will’s. The family was well kept and happy, and on this day they were on their way to Charles’s house to celebrate the anniversary of his marriage to Camilla.

               “Mum, do we need to dress up?” Emerson called from his bedroom.

“I’ve placed a freshly ironed shirt in your closet Em, wear it under a nice sweater that Grandma Elizabeth got you for Christmas.” She replied. “That goes for you too Milo.”

“Okay!” the boys called out in unison. Kate set down Rosa and collected her hair, and pinned it half up.

“There…now you look like a lady.” She smiled.

“Mummy do I look like you?” she asked with a smile wider than Kate’s.

“I’d say so.” William replied as he walked around the corner picking her up. “Daddy is so lucky to have two beautiful girls in his life.” He added as he kissed both of his girls.

               The boys ran down the stairs together both wearing knitted sweaters and loafers. William chuckled and patted his boy’s back “You both look sharp.”

Kate agreed with a nod “Our family looks as if it’s been cut out of a Good House Keeping magazine.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He smiled.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

        The small family affair was coming together quite nicely. Among the invited where the close and immediate members of the royal family. They all chatted amongst themselves enjoying the very rare time they all got to be “normal”. At one point in the night Emerson ran up to his mother and tugged at her shirt.

        “Yes darling?” she asked.

“Eliza keeps following me around saying we’re going to get married one day! Aren’t we related?!”

Catherine laughed and threw her hair over her shoulder. She remembered little Eliza on her wedding day and as she glanced past her son’s shoulder to look at Eliza starring back at him fondly, she couldn’t help but giggle as she remembered her for the little girl at her wedding.

        “Well darling, technically you are related by law. You both share a grandmother so that means you’re cousins.”

Emerson smiled sinisterly and turned back to Eliza who blushed “I told you ‘Liza! You can’t marry your cousin!” he yelled as he chased after her.

Kate laughed as she watched her children enjoy themselves. Bu the moment was suddenly interrupted by a loud thud that came from across the room. She turned to find the Queen lying with her eyes closed tight, on the ground. She gasped as she watched the party guests rush to her aid; William among them. Shouting and cries for help took over the friendly chit chat and the mood became very tense. Milo and Emerson both rushed to their mother, and Emerson picked up his baby sister who began to cry.  

               “Mum what happened?” Milo asked.

“Oh dear.” Kate whispered as she grabbed her children and led them out of the hall. “Kid’s, out we go. Come now, off to the kitchen.” She cooed as she pushed her kids away from the horrible scene. This was also done by many other mothers at the party who did not wish to let their kids see the Queen in that state. As soon as she got Emerson, Milo and Rosamund away from the chaos that had just upraised she walked over to her sister in law Chelsea who had one hand on her five-month pregnant belly.

               “Please, can you watch them?” she pleaded nudging over to her children.

“Yes of course…” she nodded nonchalantly. Kate raced back to the hall where the Queen was being lifted up from the ground in a large stretcher. The Duke and his children followed closely behind, making their way out. Kate looked around and suddenly realized how many people there where and how she could not spot William. She pushed and shoved through the crowd until finally she found him sitting on a chair, with his hands on his head. Her heart dropped and she rushed over to him.

               “William.” Kate called as she reached him. He got up and hugged his wife tight. She soothed him by rubbing his back.

“Everything’s going to be all right.” She repeated.

“Catherine…I think she’s gone.” He whispered.

Kate pulled back to stare at her husband’s tear strained face.

“William, whatever gave you that impression?”

He sniffed “She was so cold when I placed my hand on her wrist…I felt nothing.” He spat out as he began to choke out sobs. Kate held him securely again, praying that this was not the case. About forty five minutes later, Queen Elizabeth was pronounced dead. 

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