A Hand on Her Back
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One Shot Part Two : First Date

*** Woohoo! So this is my first chapter in what feels like an eternity ago! I hope I haven’t lost my ability to write! Reviews are always welcomed ! Enjoy ! if you haven’t read the first part of the one shot, click here: http://ahandonherback.tumblr.com/post/12233332942/one-shot-little-black-dress-part-one *** 

         Wills eyes were starring hard directly at the door. The after-party was begging to come to life and the music was beginning to pick up. He had a drink in his hand that had barley been touched as he stood a few feet away from the entrance, waiting. Erik suddenly appeared behind him and grabbed his shoulders.

“What in God’s name are you doing standing here? I’ve got a couple of girls who are just dying to meet Prince William.” He said his name as if it were a joke. William chuckled and shrugged “No thanks.” he said taking a sip of his rye and coke.

               “Why not…what are you doing here anyway—” Erik stopped mid sentenced and a creepy little smile bemused his lips “Oh my god! You’re not waiting for Kate are you?” he burst into laughter and slapped William on the back.

“Oh shut up.” Will retorted.

“I thought you two were ‘just friends’?”

William sighed. It was true. They were just friends. He had no idea what he was doing or what he was feeling, he became increasingly nervous as he pictured how Kate would feel if she ever got the chance to read his thoughts.

“I know…I just… I don’t know what to tell you Erik…while I was sitting there watching her, something just clicked.”

“I bet I know what it was.” Erik nudged with a wink. William laughed and shoved his friend to the side “Oh get out of here.” He said the words in perfect timing because as soon as Erik turned to leave, Kate walked through the door with the rest of the other models. “Good luck.” Erik whispered. But Will didn’t even hear it, again he felt as if the room had gone totally silent as he looked over to Kate who was dressed much more appropriately but he still felt a strong desire to be in contact with her. Kate looked over and found William smiling at her. The room was dim lighted but Kate’s blush could be seen from a mile away; William enjoyed this immensely.

“Hey!” Kate made her way to him and the two proceeded to hug, which turned out extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

“You were great Kate, really, you’ve never looked better! I mean you do always look good, but wow.” William gushed.

“Really? You didn’t think it was too much?” Kate’s smile was ear to ear.

“Absolutely not, you were the envy of every girl and the desire of every man.”

Kate giggled, “Well I’m glad you had fun.”

“I definitely did…so erm…” William began to scratch his head, a nervous habit he had formed when he wasn’t able to get his words through. “So listen….do you want to like…dance or something?” Kate nodded and the two spent the night completely inseparable. Dancing, talking, and laughing. William felt his affections for Kate grow and was unsure how to approach them. The next morning he mustered up the courage to ask Kate to dinner over a text message, her reply a simple “I’d love to!” had Will hoping that she saw things his way as well. He made reservations, ironed his nicest ‘not too fancy, not too casual’ shirt, and spent almost twenty minutes styling his hair. When he finally picked Kate up he realized he had no idea how to talk to her. Did she think this was just another causal grab a bite to eat night like they have always had? Or did she understand that he wanted to take things a little more seriously. Was this their first date? William began to panic…he had no idea how to come across to her. She was one of his closest friends and he surely did not want to lose that.

The night was a total disaster. The ride to the restaurant was mostly in silence, because Will had no idea how to act. They ate in silence, and when Kate tried to start up conversation William was so nervous he accidently dropped his wine all over the table, staining the tablecloth and Kate’s white skirt. After apologizing nearly a million times the night finally came to an end when William parked outside her residence. Though she opened the door as to leave, surprisingly to William, Kate didn’t get out of the car as fast as she could; instead she sat there for a moment before finally turning to look at him. “Will is everything okay? You seem like you’re scared of me or something…”

William sighed “No Kate it’s the total opposite, I’m sorry, this night was total garbage. I was just kind of nervous.”


“Because…I…” he began to choke.

“Will,” Kate put her hand on his and it felt so warm that William almost grabbed her hand with both of his. “You can tell me whatever is on your mind.”

“I wanted to take you on a date,” Will blurted and suddenly he began to ramble “But I didn’t know if you wanted to go on a date with me, and when I asked you over the phone to come to dinner I meant it as a date, but like I said I didn’t know if you saw it like that…I’m sorry I’m rambling, I’m so bloody stupid, maybe it would be best if you just left before I really make a fool out of myself.” He closed his eyes and put his head on the steering wheel while Kate grew silent. He sat still with his eyes shut for what he felt was an eternity, finally he heard the passenger door shut and he knew she had left and he had lost his chance. But when he opened his eyes he was overjoyed to have found Kate right beside him.

“Let’s go for a movie?” she suggested with a smile. At that moment William knew what he held for Kate was more than friendship, she understood him so well he didn’t know how he had never noticed her until now. He nodded and they drove off to finish their first date the right way.

When William got home he was greeted by his other roommate Kalen, who was with his girlfriend Louisa, a mutual friend of Kate and Will’s.

“Hey where have you been?” Kalen asked looking up from the television.

“Just out …..with Kate.” He smiled as he said her name, and then ascended up the stairs, not noticing the puzzled looks Kalen and Louisa shared.

When he got in his room he reached for his phone and immediately texted Kate (he decided not to over think everything and be himself completely).

               “Did you have a good night? I kno I did J” he sent.

Kate replied a few minutes later “I did, but I was thinking that you were gonna say goodbye the right way.”

This confused Will…what did that mean? He read it a few more times and played over their goodbye in his head. They were both laughing at a joke he had made as he pulled up in her driveway, again Kate opened her door but sat there fumbling with her fingers, she said goodbye and so did he, he starred at her lips before she got out. Oh my god. Will thought as he threw his head back. I can’t believe I didn’t even kiss her! Before beating himself up any longer William was through the door.

Kate was at home waiting for the kettle to boil. She had her mug ready with a herbal tea bag already placed inside. She was nothing if not thorough. She constantly kept looking at her phone waiting for Wills reply to hers. It was such a risk for her to type those words out; she wasn’t even sure how she managed to press send. Kate sighed and placed a hand on her chest, her heart raced with every second that he did not reply. What were you thinking Kate; if he wanted to kiss you he would’ve just done it! She thought. Her roommate Hannah was in the other room and called out “So how was it?”

“It was fine…” Kate mumbled. But now I screwed it all up with my stupid text.

The kettle started to cry out just as there was a knock on the front door. “Can you get that Kate?” Hannah cried out from her bedroom. Kate walked over towards the door with her phone grasped tightly in her hand. She opened the door and gasped.

“Who is it?” Hannah called out.

“Will.” Kate whispered as she looked over at him “What are you doing here?”

“I forgot something.” He said silently.

“What?” she barely managed to make out before William placed his hands on either side of her face and drew her closer to his lips until finally they met.

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So all of you may know that i havent updated in months and I am very very sorry for all of the people who I may have upset or inconvenienced, because I left with a an unfinished fanfiction and one- shot and I didn’t even let you guys know that I wasn’t going to be writing anymore.

What happen was my life got crazy , I moved, I had a boyfriend , we broke up , work was crazy busy & I had alot of family issues. It was all a very very hectic few months but now that I have more time at home i’m thinking about continuing my fanfiction, headcannons and one-shots as long as you guys are willing to read them again!

I would love some feedback!

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Chapter Ten Part 2 Sneak Peek !

The next day William found himself with mountains of paperwork that he had to finish by the end of the hour. He knew his boss wouldn’t mind if he did not finish it, but William was a hard worker who was always determine to finish a job. He signed papers, wrote reports and mailed out unimportant notices to his co-workers. He was halfway through the ceiling high stack of papers when he received a phone call. It was Kate.

“Hello Kate? Now’s not the best time…”

“Um Will….you might have to come down here.” She said panting. This was curious, Kate never asked him to leave work unless it was an emergency.

“Why? What’s going on?”

What he heard next was quite possibly the worst noise that he had ever heard from Kate; a painful scream that was easily heard over the other end of the phone.

“Kate!” Will called out as he stood rapidly from his desk. “Kate! Where are you?”

“At home!” she cried back “Will something is wrong, and the baby is coming now! Right now!”

“I’ll be there in two minutes.” He said as he dropped his phone racing for his car keys. 

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Chapter One : The Third Request

*** Okay guys, this is the first chapter of the Will & Kate Fan Fic that I’m writing mainly for myself, but I would love for you guys to read over it and give me some feedback! ***

Will stormed through the door the second he heard a loud gasp. For a moment, he wondered whether or not he should wait a few seconds, as to give the impression that he wasn’t at the other side of the door trying to eavesdrop on his wife, but he gave into his over protective instincts and hastily opened the door. If he had not been on the other side of the door trying to listen in, he would not have thought anything was wrong with Kate. He found her smiling fully with her two dimples greeting the corners of her mouth; her eyes glistened, illuminating the mossy green that painted her eyes. She looked as if she where 27 again.

“Kate?” William asked not a moment after he had opened the door. His eyes followed down her arm and to her hand where she was holding a thick white plastic stick. Oh. Oh. “Oh my god.” He breathed.

“Can you believe it?” she burst out in spasms of gentle giggles as she stood in front of an unmoving Will. HE stood there in utter awe unable to move. She was pregnant. “Kate!” he beamed, unable to make another face. She then walked up to him slowly and placed her hands in his. “This is exactly what we wanted,” she whispered as she inclined her head to the floor and looked up at him expecting a kiss. But William was in another time….

- - - - - - - - - -

The year was 2011. Will traveled back to the night of the most famous wedding of the 21st century. Their late night wedding party had wrapped up and the couple found themselves alone in their room for the first time as man and wife. The two stood at separate ends of the rooms, eyes on one another. Will gazed over at Kate and watched her slowly take off her long white earrings that had been a present from his new in-laws. He walked towards her, not being able to go more than a couple minutes without touching her, and ran his fingers through her chestnut brown hair, only to have been stopped by the alignment of bobby pins that loosely held Kate’s hair together. Kate chuckled as he began to pull them one by one.

“I’m afraid you’ll be at that for a while,” she joked, yet Will continued to take apart her hair without another word. Kate placed a hand on his chest “Darling, you don’t have to –“

“Shh…” he cooed her. “I want to help.”

It took Will and Kate the next twenty seven minutes to take apart her hair, brush their teeth, change into comfortable clothes, and wash their faces before they found each other in the sea of bed sheets that twined their bodies together. The couple starred at one another in the darkness of the night, trying to make out the silhouette of their faces.


“Yes Will?”

“What would you like?”

“Pardon me?” she asked as her eyebrows met.

“Out of our marriage, what would you like? What do you want out of me?” He asked while looking at her face that was being illuminated by a thin layer of light that had mysteriously appeared in their large dark suite. Her long lashes gazed up at him and she blinked several times at him, trying to find a reason behind such an odd question.

“Well…” she mused “For starters, I’d like you to teach me everything you know about being a royal. I want you to help me be the best wife a monarch could have. I want you to make me laugh, a lot. I know you already do, but never forget how important laughter is to us,” she smiled.

Will chuckled and reached for her hand. “Teaching and laughter; check.”

“Also,” she whispered. “I want you to make a family with me. I want lots of kids. At least three. But you already know this of course, I just thought I would remind you” she exhaled slowly “And my last request, a silly one, but one that would mean a lot to me…”

“Name it.”

“I want you to take every Friday off. I know being a royal means having to travel a lot, and go to important meetings, but I want to have you with me each Friday, like today. If you must go somewhere, take me with you in some way; just always have me close at heart on Fridays. It’ll be an intimate day for us, keeping the memories of our wedding with us always.”
               “Oh Catherine,” William could feel a large shaking in his heart as he took in the beauty of his wife’s words. He grabbed her face and passionately kissed her before pulling apart to have her face inches from his. “I vow to you tonight on our first night of marriage that I will always have those four requests close to my heart and I will see that they are carried out till the moment my heart stops beating.” He vowed.

Kate smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too my wonderful, wonderful wife,” Will said in between kisses. “Now,” he whispered “Let me help you with your third request.” And with those words the royal couple began the first night of the rest of their lives.


“Darling?” Kate asked as William shook his head and came back to present day. “Are you okay?” she asked with a puzzled look. He looked down at his wife and felt the same love he felt for her seven years ago on his wedding day. He crushed Kate in a bear hug not releasing her until she became uncomfortable. “Um…ouch babe, careful, I’m fragile now.”

He pulled her back, hands on her shoulders and smiled fully. “I love you.”

“I love you too Will.”

Will smiled fully as a new thought came to his head. “Now…let’s go tell the kids.”

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